Determining the face shape by photo

Not sure which hairstyle, makeup or glasses suit you? Regular tests don't help?

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Why is it important to know your face shape?Identifying your face shape is an important step in creating an image and style. It helps to select a hairstyle, makeup, and accessories that will highlight your individuality and harmonize with the features of your face, and also helps when planning plastic surgeries
How to quickly and accurately determine the shape of the face?Proportions and balance of facial features are used to determine the face shape. There are various online tests, but you will be able to determine the shape of your face most quickly and accurately using our application, which uses machine learning algorithms to analyze facial features from a photograph.
What face shapes exist?There are seven main face shapes: oval, round, square, rectangular (or elongated), heart-shaped (or triangular), pear-shaped, and diamond-shaped (or diamond). A more detailed description of each face shape can be found after passing the test.
How does face shape affect the choice of makeup and hairstyle?Understanding your face shape can help you choose makeup and a haircut that will most favorably emphasize your proportions and facial features. For example, some hairstyles may more effectively highlight the features of an oval face, while others may soften the corners of a square face.
How does face shape affect the choice of glasses?The shape of your face also plays a role when choosing glasses. Different shapes and styles of frames may better suit certain face shapes. For example, certain frame shapes can soften the features of a square face or add structure to a round face.
How is face shape used in plastic surgery?Plastic surgeons may use knowledge about the shape of the face when planning procedures, such as rhinoplasty or fillers, with the aim of achieving more harmonious or desired facial proportions.
Is there a connection between face shape and psychological or sociological factors?Some research suggests that face shape may be associated with certain personality traits or the perception of other people. However, this area still requires further research.
What should be remembered when using information about face shape?It is important to remember that any classification is just a generalization, and each person is unique. What suits one face shape may not suit another. Information about face shape is a tool that can be used as a guide, but not as a strict rule. Your goal is to emphasize your uniqueness and individuality.
Can face shape change?Face shape is largely determined by the bone structure and does not change significantly during life. However, facial features may change due to weight gain or loss, as well as aging. In addition, some artistic makeup techniques and choosing the right hairstyle can visually change the face shape.
How to use this test to get the most useful informationOur AI can find your face in the photo and determine its shape, even if you cover a third of your face with hair, wear glasses, and take a photo in half-turn in a dark room through the reflection in the mirror. However, for accurate results, we recommend uploading a photo where your face is strictly en face, perfectly detailed, nothing covers the face and you have no makeup. Also, consider that this test is relevant for women 18+, as the neural network is trained on adult models.
What should be remembered when choosing a hairstyle and makeup?Regardless of the shape of your face, it is important to remember that you should feel confident and comfortable with your image. A hairstyle and makeup should emphasize your individuality and help express yourself, not just follow fashion trends. Also remember that the information received is advisory in nature.